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Luci, fundadora de Destino Suíça, nos alpes suíços

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More than 20 years of experience in tourism and entrepreneurship

Switzerland is world famous as a country of spectacular snow-capped mountains, picturesque towns and lakes. They know chocolate and cheese as delicacies and the precision of Swiss watches. We look forward to making this an unforgettable part of your trip.

But Switzerland offers much more. Countless museums with historical and contemporary cultural assets, living traditions, and sports highlights in every season, as well as culinary highlights, make your stay with Destination Switzerland unique.

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Quality Assurance

The happiness of the Destination Switzerland team is to see your enthusiasm and sparkle in your eyes. Our experience, passion, and professionalism guarantee personal, hassle-free support from the very first contact. You will have the feeling that you are getting to know the Destinations through the eyes of a friend!


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The Team

The Destination Switzerland team shares your passion for Switzerland and understands what you want.

Portrait Luci Strijbis, Destino Suíça



As a guide from the bottom of my heart and with a background in tourism, history, and as an instructor, I have been passing on my knowledge and enthusiasm for authentic Switzerland for years. I enjoy both helping with consulting, travel planning and getting to know you personally.

I was born in Recife and for more than 20 years I have shared my passion for these two countries. The greatest motivation and joy is to share and connect experiences, knowledge, and information. Throughout these decades I have not only formed a family and learned one more language, but also experienced a country, its history and culture in a profound way. I can't wait to participate in some way in your journey.

Portrait Carol Decaillet


Account Manager

This woman from Recife, based in Martigny, in the state of Valais, arrives to strengthen contact with clients and agencies. An experienced tourism professional, she has a degree and postgraduate diploma in Tourism Planning and Management from UPE, is a founding partner of an agency and director of ABAV PE, and has also served as vice president of SINDETUR PE and coordinator of Tourism at three colleges in Pernambuco (IPESU, FAPE and FACIPE).

My name is Carol and I'm an enthusiast of the world of tourism, passionate about all the connections it allows us to make. I also have a deep love of food and wine, culture and art. In 2012, I swapped the beauties of Pernambuco for Switzerland and now I'm excited to share my passion and knowledge with you. My mission is to collaborate with the Destination Switzerland team, especially in customer service and support for agencies and operators. Let's explore Switzerland together and create unforgettable memories.



Rivian works as a guide for Destination Switzerland and also takes care of the social network's content. As the mother of a preschooler, she knows tips and tricks for families first hand.

I'm Rivian, and I've been living my Bahiaanity in Switzerland since 2015. I love acarajé, but also a good fondue. In a very joyful, relaxed, and knowledgeable way, I will be happy to show you Switzerland and its charms so that you and your family can have an amazing experience. Come with us.



Matthew is the walking encyclopedia of Destination Switzerland. As a historian, he deals in depth with European history and the emergence of Switzerland in an international context.

My name is Mateus, I'm 26 years old, I'm from São Paulo and I have a degree in History. I currently live in Zurich where I have the pleasure of working giving these beautiful tours. We explore everything from 2,000-year-old Roman ruins to renowned local cuisine. You can't not like it! I am looking forward to a tour.



I left my native Rio de Janeiro, with its beaches and samba circles, to become a citizen of the world. I lived in Santiago de Chile and now my story is being written in Basel, Switzerland. Classical literature, history, and good jazz are my passions. Visiting Basel is like traveling back in time, we see Celtic and Roman ruins, remember the thousand years that it was a Bishopric, and can even have a dialogue with Erasmus and Nietzsche! How did Basel's powerful silk industry give rise to its current pharmaceutical industries? Come find out with me


Consultant, Board Member

Jérôme offers Destination Switzerland his many years of experience in marketing, communication, and digitalization processes. He knows different sports through his own activities and enjoys sharing this enthusiasm with interested Destination Switzerland guests.

Since my early childhood I have skied, practiced ice hockey and tennis as an active athlete and instructor, and in the case of tennis, as an international referee for many years. Would you like to hit some balls on spectacularly located tennis courts? Or maybe watch a game of the most popular ice hockey league next to the American NHL live and be competently escorted? I look forward to sharing this experience with you.


Local Partner

Destination Switzerland offers its services in the French part of Switzerland in cooperation with local service providers.


Destination Switzerland works together with the following specialists


Podcast Publisher

Adriana Vaz, just like Luci, comes from Recife and lives in the canton of Zurich. He works with programming and editing audio for internet radio programs and podcasts.

I love music and information, as well as tapioca and chocolates. I am happy to be part of the Destination Switzerland team, where we bring you enchanting destinations and stories about various subjects and the many possibilities of being a traveler here in Switzerland. We are happy to welcome you to our streaming platforms in our podcast Destination Switzerland.



She studied photography at the SVA in NYC and is a photography instructor at the Swiss Photo Club. The energetic photographer is also available for individual photographs on special occasions.

Photography has always been my passion, my therapy, my joy to wake up at sunrise and my most rewarding experience. I see beauty in every person, I see frames in every corner. And it is this baggage that I bring to Destination Switzerland. Luci is my partner in exhibitions and museums. And after years of studying how we could bring our passions together: Photography and Tourism, we created the Urban Perspective. A 'course.foto.tour' that unites culture, art, and photography in the city of Zurich.


Routes Consultant

Your personalized tour will have the signature of our collaborator Fernanda Maldonado, who has no less than 7 years of experience working for the Swiss Tourist Board and has in-depth knowledge of every corner of this country she calls home.

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